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Working with teens: 

I help high achieving teenagers with anxiety and stress management. High achieving teens often take advanced classes and do well in them. Often they are in extracurricular activities such as band. They tend to worry a lot and have high, unrealistic expectations of themselves. 

I help them with:

  • Creating more realistic expectations
  • Learning how to manage worry thoughts
  • Teaching them how to resolve peer conflicts
  • Recognizing their own unique gifts thereby raising their self-confidence
  • Teaching them relaxation techniques to manage stress and worry

In a nutshell, I help them learn how to cope with life better so they can feel happier. 

A fundamental component in working through life challenges is loving and accepting yourself. When you show compassion to your own self for what you are currently experiencing, it strengthens you. The art of loving and accepting yourself is a learned skill. Many of my new clients for various reasons are unable to fully love and accept themselves. It makes a big difference in how we view and navigate life challenges. 

We all share similar experiences in that we live our lives and make decisions to the best of our ability.  We also often use the same thinking and emotional patterns that we have used in the past, whether they were helpful or not. Until we learn a new way of thinking and reacting to our world, we simply repeat patterns. We observe these patterns in relationships, jobs, friendships, family and within our selves. 

Learning valuable life strategies to maximize your potential for happiness and fulfillment will make a tremendous impact on your life. You have the ability to change the course of your life.  I offer these simple yet powerful strategies that when used consistently will transform your life.

Let's develop the road map of change together. 

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Examples of life challenges in which I typically help adult clients: 

  • Women in mid-life transitions (ie interpersonal, spiritual, health, family, career)
  • Women in significant life transitions (ie raising children, career, life balance)
  • Not liking oneself
  • Debilitating anxiety and stress
  • ​Relationship challenges

*Serving teenagers and adults*

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Here are some examples of common goals my adult clients have voiced throughout the years.

I want to:

  • Love and accept myself
  • Experience more peace and happiness
  • Feel purposeful
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Choose a more fulfilling and satisfying career